Hello, Moin, Olá! It’s me, Sven.

I am on the internet since 1996 when I started playing C&C Red Alert multiplayer over 56K-Modem. My first website went online in 2004. Even then, during my school years, I recognized the potential of the Internet and managed to finance my driver’s license and first car with affiliate income from Google AdSense and the Amazon affiliate program.

Born in Oldenburg i.H., Germany, raised in the U.S. and Germany, married since 2021 and last name „da Silva Rochel“, I live with my wife Luana and our cat Luna in the greater Lisbon area of Portugal.

I wouldn’t call myself linguistically gifted, yet I speak more than ten languages. Besides German, English and Portuguese, however, all other languages are programming languages.

For me, there was never any question about what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was born into IT, so to speak, and was already a specialist in a broad spectrum of the IT. Coupled with my expertise and professional experience in project management, data protection, process automation and now over 20 years of experience in programming and web development, I have skills that most likely make me unique in this constellation.

Certifications & Education

Data Protection Officer




ITIL Foundation Level


IT Specialist for systems integration

Projects & Shares

An overview of own projects and shares.

Swelldesk Coliving & Coworking

Since 2019 you will find our Swelldesk in the best surf region in Portugal. Combine work and vacation under the southern European sun. After work just grab your surfboard and head to the beach and into the waves.


ONLINESHOP: korkfliege.de

The interest in sustainability and the environment quickly brought me together with cork here in Portugal. The fact that Portugal is the largest cork exporter in the world is perhaps not entirely innocent. Together with my brother Dennis, we run the online store korkfliege.de, where we sell fashion accessories made of cork.


DESTINATION BLOG: lissabonundmeer.de

When I moved to Portugal in 2018, I started my blog Lisbon & Sea. Here I give tips for visiting the sunny city of Lisbon. Meanwhile with almost 1,000 visitors a day.


DESTINATION BLOG: malediveninsider.de

Since 2015 I regularly visit the Maldives. Rather unconventionally, I prefer not booking a resort, but so-called Local Islands. Since relatively little information was to be found about this, we started this website. Today, around 10K visitors per month find information here.


DESTINATION WEBSITE: bigwaves-nazare.com

Nazaré is known for the highest waves in the world. Up to 100 feet (ca. 30 m) high waves hit from October until February, the coast of Portugal. Since 2019 visitors find here information about the current wave height in Nazaré, Portugal and can sign up for an automated big wave alert.


Restaurants Shareholder

During Covid-19, I invested a 6-figure total worth amount of money and time into a total of 3 restaurants and 1 café located in Cascais, Lisbon, Faro and Loulé. Have a look at my favorite invest in Cascais.


Affiliate Website

Since 2004 I run affiliate websites.